Table Reservations

Our site is silly (or smart?) and automatically displays Items with no Sale Price as out of stock. (probably smart)
But we are not charging for table reservations - just select Pay-In-Store at Checkout and we'll mark it as Paid when you arrive.

Remember, Face Masks are Required!

Any Games/Formats included in the title are just there to highlight that we have an event that night for that game - feel free to reserve a table for any event/game you want to play!
Finally, before I forget, Don't Forget Your Face Mask! :-)

Read all about how we are working to make sure Game Grid is a safe place to play

Double Masters Preorder

Preorder Double Masters with Game Grid Lehi!

Hopefully you all know about and love our awesome rewards points, giving you a ton of in-store credit as a thank you for shopping with us.
However, as we learned with past Masters set releases, sometimes saving a bit up front is better than getting a ton of store credit later
(let's be honest though, you definitely want the store credit) :-P

With that in mind, we've got a discount code for large orders of Double Masters - if you use the code, you'll get a lower price upfront, but you won't earn any points on the order.

On a Case of Double Masters (4 Boxes) you can use the Promo Code NOREWARDS to get $100 off.

On a Case of VIP Boosters (16 Boosters) you can use the Promo Code NOREWARDSVIP to get $120 off

Quick note, 1000 points is worth $140 store credit, and you'll have points left over.... but it's up to you :-)

JumpStart Preorder and Release

Preorder & Preregister for JumpStart!
JumpStart releases on Friday, July 17th

Each Booster Box comes with 24 JumpStart Packs, with 40 different Themes and 121 possible variations!
Inside each JumpStart pack you'll find 20 cards, including lands, ready to play - just shuffle two packs together to create your deck!

Release events include:

•JumpStart Sealed!
-Open 2 JumpStart Packs, Shuffle & Play!
-Play 3 Rounds and Win Prizes!!

•JumpStart Draft!
-Pods of 8 Open 16 JumpStart Packs!
-Players can see the Themes, and then "Snake Draft"
-1st Player picks a theme, then 2nd and so on...
-After the 8th player picks their first theme, the draft order reverses!
The 8th player will pick their 2nd theme, then the 7th and so on!
-Play 3 Rounds and Win Prizes!!

Love Your Local Game Store

Get Your 'Love Your Local Game Store' Promos!

Join the Love Your Local Game Store Pick Yer Poison Sealed League (LYLGSPYPSL) Today!
Add any 6 Booster Packs to your cart + the LYLGSPYPSL Entry to your order.
Want to Spice Up Your Sealed Pool? We Finally Have Mystery Boosters In Stock!
Use Promo Code LYLGSLeague to get Free Entry!

Read All The Details Here

Event Registration

Game Grid Lehi hosts dozens of events every single week - with Board Game Night, Friday Night Magic, Pathfinder Society and more.
For all of our weekly events , pre-registration is not required - just show up to the store ready to have fun!

Special Events that have limited seating are open for registration in the categories below.

Kickstarter Games (Preorder)

Kick it here with Game Grid!
Game Grid Lehi backs a ton of games on Kickstarter in order to have the latest and greatest available for you.

Plus there are some sweet benefits to backing through Game Grid:
1-Pay when your game arrives!

Don't tie up your gaming funds for a year while you wait for the project to be finished, just reserve a copy with us and you don't have to pay until it's here!

2-Free Shipping!
Most projects give free shipping to retailers, and we pass that savings on to you :-)

3-In Store Credit!
Have credit with Game Grid? Use it on anything we sell!

Earn rewards by purchasing through Game Grid and get even more credit for your next game!

5-Guaranteed Games
Because you don't pay until the game is here, you'll never have to worry about a questionable project failing.

A number of Kickstarter Games have a ton of optional add-ons, and we've organized the games into their own categories so that you can easily find all of the extras that go with each project.
Because of the default store layout, the categories are at the bottom of the page, so head on down and feel free to click around and browse through each option.

Have a great game you'd like us to back? Jump into the conversation on our Discord
Or email

Magic: The Gathering Singles

At Game Grid Lehi we pride ourselves on our singles selection, with cards from every era of Magic available.
That being said, some cards are so in demand they go out as quick as they come in!
If you'd like to be notified, make sure to add cards to your wishlist and you'll be emailed as soon as we restock.

Want to build a whole deck? Just Paste it in the Deck Builder tool!

Need to filter and find specific cards? Try out Advanced Search!
Just select a set - or group of sets - and you can filter by Power/Toughness, Mana Cost, Card Type, Artist, Flavor Text and more!

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Magic Singles to browse by set

Thanks for shopping with Game Grid!


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