JumpStart Preorder and Release

Preorder & Preregister for JumpStart!
JumpStart releases on Friday, July 17th

Each Booster Box comes with 24 JumpStart Packs, with 40 different Themes and 121 possible variations!
Inside each JumpStart pack you'll find 20 cards, including lands, ready to play - just shuffle two packs together to create your deck!

Release events include:

•JumpStart Sealed!
-Open 2 JumpStart Packs, Shuffle & Play!
-Play 3 Rounds and Win Prizes!!

•JumpStart Draft!
-Pods of 8 Open 16 JumpStart Packs!
-Players can see the Themes, and then "Snake Draft"
-1st Player picks a theme, then 2nd and so on...
-After the 8th player picks their first theme, the draft order reverses!
The 8th player will pick their 2nd theme, then the 7th and so on!
-Play 3 Rounds and Win Prizes!!

View as:
Pod (Group of 8)
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